Breville Instant Cappuccino Machine

The latest advert from Breville. Check out our NEW Instant Cappuccino making machine – best of all it uses your favourite INSTANT COFFEE granules.

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4 Responses to “Breville Instant Cappuccino Machine”

  • puggster:

    i got one of these

    there brill :D

  • Blunder1248:

    How long have you had it?
    My view is there shite! Makes a nice cuppa but tend to find the coffee mechanize jam!
    Don’t buy it, its a instand piss me off maker!

  • puggster:

    Ive had it a few months but i had one before and it broke so i got a new one free of charge

    i dont use the coffee shot function as it gets sticky inside and its hard to turn the handle

    i just ad the coffee to the cup and it works alright that way as no issues yet

    i just use it to add the milky froth
    as i dont want this one to break lol

    it does do a great cuppa though just pitty the design of the coffee mechanisim could be better

  • Blunder1248:

    I’ve stripped my one down and cleaned it all out!

    When it dries Im going to give your method a go!

    Thanks for the reply. : D

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